About the Library

Hours—7:40 AM until 3:15 PM. The library will be open during lunch.


  1. It is important to keep a quiet environment for research, reading, and study.
  2. All school rules apply in the library. Please respect all equipment and materials.
  3. No food, drinks, or gum are allowed in the library. (The librarian or administration will designate any exceptions).

Book Check-out

  1. Students are responsible for books checked out in their names and should return books on time and in good condition.
  2. Books are checked out for two weeks and can be re-checked up to 3 times in a row. No more than 1 book can be checked out to one student at a time.
  3. The student may not check out any more books until the book is returned or purchased.
  4. Students with fines and overdue books due for over a month will be restricted in the books they will be allowed to check out. (high circulating books, series, new books)

Computer Use Rules

  • Computers may be used to play games, but educational use will have first access.
  • Please get permission before accessing an Internet website.
  • Print only those pages approved by your teacher or the librarian.
  • Anyone not following computer use rules will be prohibited from the use of these computers.


The library media center is a critical element in the complete educational process of the students. Students and teachers are expected to function in the Information Age; therefore, the media center must provide access to the equipment and resources needed to fully utilize needed information. The Board of Education of Booneville School District supports the principles of intellectual freedom inherent in the constitution of the United States and expressed in the “Library Bill of Rights,” the student’s “Freedom to Read” statement, and the student’s “Freedom to View” statement of the American Library Association (Appendix A).

Mission Statement

The mission of Booneville Public Schools is for every student to achieve maximum success through excellent academic programs. Booneville Public School Library Media Centers support that vision through the creation of learning environments that encourage intellectual and social development leading to productive citizenship. The library mission is to promote the skills, experiences, and confidence that will enable children and young adults to use libraries and information resources for lifelong learning.

Educational Goals

To accomplish the mission of the library, the following goals have been adopted:

  1. To provide materials which support the curriculum and learning
  2. To provide equitable access to a variety of information materials, taking into consideration individual needs, interest, abilities, diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, variance in language, and maturity levels of the students served
  3. To provide materials which reflect all sides of issues, beliefs, and ideas for the purpose of guiding students in becoming critical thinkers who can understand varying perspectives
  4. To develop a collection of popular print/non-print materials of high interest that attract students to reading for pleasure, recreation and personal interest

Junior High Library Map

To find a book in our library:

  • check the OPAC (online catalog) at one of the computers in the library. You can search by title, author, subject, series, and keyword
  • use the Dewey Decimal Classification system to locate nonfiction books by subject Dewey Decimal System
  • read the student reviews on Destiny Quest for suggestions
  • ask for help!

Book Collections


  • Includes books that are written imaginative literature such as science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, mystery, romance, etc.
  • Fiction books are shelved by the first 3 letters of the author's last name


  • Includes books that are true such as philosophy, art, sports, history, geography, etc.
  • Nonfiction books are shelved using the Dewey Decimal system


  • Includes nonfiction books written by a person about their own life or the life of someone else
  • Biographies are shelved by the first three letters of the last name of the person of whom the book is written.


  • Includes books such as dictionaries, atlases, encyclopedias, and other resources for research in science, history, etc.


  • Fiction and nonfiction books that cover various topics concerning the state of Arkansas
  • These books are arranged in fiction and nonfiction sections

Parent and Professional:

  • Includes books about dealing with mental, emotional, and educational needs of teens that parents and teachers address

New Books:

  • Includes books recently purchased for the library and books recently donated
  • These books are arranged in fiction and nonfiction sections