Booneville Junior High is a seventh through ninth grade school with a population of approximately 350 students. BJHS was formed in 2006 when upon completion of a new elementary school facility, the fifth and sixth grade were pulled from middle school to attend the elementary and ninth from high school.

BJHS offers a solid core curriculum consisting of mathematics, social studies, English, science and reading. Also offered to students is a variety of non-core classes such as survey of fine arts, choir, band, physical education, music, keyboarding, computer technology, career orientation, and health. Students have access to an up-to-date and automated library.

  1. To provide a solid educational foundation in reading, writing, and math
  2. To develop social and civic responsibility toward good citizenship
  3. To foster critical thinking, technology skills, and creativity
  4. To provide opportunities to connect learning across the curriculum
  5. To provide connections to real life experiences
  6. To provide information for career choices and preparation for the world of work
  7. To develop attitudes of respect for self and others
  8. To provide a safe, healthy and positive learning environment
  9. To provide a variety of extra-curricular experiences to foster leadership and build self-confidence
  10. To develop an appreciation and understanding of the world and conservation of its natural resource

The Booneville School District is an equal opportunity institution. It does not discriminate against any person in its employment, personnel relations, admission or services because of the person’s age, race, color, religion, sex, place of national origin or handicap.

Junior High School Administration

The administration of the Booneville Junior High School will treat each member of the faculty as a professional and will welcome innovative ideas and opinions. The principal will provide direction and support to team members and will function in a service capacity to students and to all personnel. Through a working relationship with faculty members, the principal will practice sincerity, trust, respect, and shared responsibility. --Mission Statement

Josh Walker, Principal
Trent Goff, Assistant Principal
Jay Loyd, Counselor