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Booneville School District

Superintendent’s Office
381 West 7th Street
Booneville, AR 72927

Phone:  (479) 675-3504
Fax:  (479) 675-3186

Scotty Pierce - Interim Superintendent
Scotty Pierce
Interim Superintendent of Schools

Booneville Elementary School
386 West 7th Street
Booneville, AR 72927

Phone:  (479) 675-2604
Fax:  (479) 675-5104

Staff & Student Services
Phone:  (479) 675-5103
Fax:  (479) 675-2625

Barbette Smithson                         Jyme Beth Diffee
          K-6 Principal                         K-6 Assistant Principal  

Booneville Junior High School
835 East 8th Street
Booneville, AR 72927

Phone:  (479) 675-5247
Fax:  (479) 675-0793

Josh Walker
7-9 Principal

Booneville High School
945 North Plum Street
Booneville, AR 72927

Phone:  (479) 675-3277
Fax:  (479) 675-3214

Trent Goff
10-12 Principal

comment posted by Robert Watkins on 11-03-2017
Spradling Elementary's principal, Robyn Dawson, recommended I talk with Barbette Smithson about the recess pilot program at Booneville Elementary School. Could she please email me at her earliest convenience? Thank you. Robert Watkins, Sutton Elementary
comment posted by Drake Simmons on 10-04-2017
I need a certified copy of my diploma. Where can I find or who can I talk to to get a copy of this?
comment posted by corinna on 08-11-2017
We couldn't make it to open house. . How do I find out my son's teacher. Thanks
comment posted by Roxanne Crawford on 07-29-2017
people are asking if there will be free meals for all students again this year...a post on your page woud get info out to many....thank you
comment posted by TJ Hoover on 07-17-2017
Do you have a 1st grade supply list you can email me?
comment posted by sarah on 06-23-2017

We've been receiving a lot of inquiries about resources on robotics and STEM. It’s difficult to find ones that appeal to a broader audience than just the pros! Your page was helpful ( ), and so I wanted to say thank you as well as offer up some of my other cool finds:

The Various Applications of Robots

Leg and Motion Control Design Principles

Automotive Design Principles for Future Engineers & Robotics Teams

Flow Rigs for Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer

Real Estate, Math, and Financial Literacy for K-12

Karakuri and the Concept of Sociable Robots

How To Build A Robot From Scratch

How To Store Hobbies (incl. technical components)

Guide to Protecting Your Hobbies

Please let me know if you have any other favorites that you haven't posted yet!


Sarah Brian
comment posted by Angela Williams on 05-30-2017
I am a former student in need of a certified copy of my diploma. With it being summer vacation, I am unsure who to contact. Thank you for your time.