Brooks Herrera

Brooks Herrera of Booneville from Booneville High School was elected as a State Representative for his congressional district at Arkansas Boys State 2022, a summer leadership and civic engagement experience sponsored by the American Legion.

Herrera was elected by his peers during district elections on Tuesday, May 31, as part of the 81st annual session of Arkansas Boys State, where students build a mock government structure, including eight different congressional districts each with four senators and 12 representatives.

Herrera had previously been elected as a city councilman of Swain City.

"Being elected as State Representative is quite the special opportunity for Brooks and his fellow legislators," said David Saterfield, director of instruction for Arkansas Boys State. "He'll get an up-close and personal look at the legislative process with his own state legislators leading him through the process."

On Wednesday, Herrera will meet with Arkansas legislators to learn more about the legislative branch and process. As part of their meeting, Herrera will join his fellow Arkansas Boys State senators and representatives in creating mock legislation that they will debate and vote upon at the state capitol on Friday.

"I'm excited to see what ideas Brooks and his fellow legislators bring to the House and Senate floors on Friday," Saterfield said. "I hope these Arkansas Boys State legislators take it all in when they're at the capitol. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

Herrera is one of more than 400 students from throughout the state – including Dunn Daniel and Peyton Tatum of Booneville – attending Arkansas Boys State at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway. Students are mock citizens in eight different counties and congressional districts, sixteen cities, and two political parties.

Tuesday at Arkansas Boys State also welcomed the beginning of campaigning for statewide office, including the office of governor.