We are excited that we have been presented with an opportunity through the Upstart Program. Waterford is providing us a resource for our upcoming 4 year old PreK students this Fall of 2021. Each family will be provided with a computer, internet (if needed,) a family coach and their award winning software in the areas of Reading, Math and Science. Families will get to keep the computer IF the child completes the program. The child will need to be on this program for 5 days a week and only 15 minutes a day. This is a first come first serve basis. We encourage you to get your upcoming PreK 4 year olds students registered SOON by going to the website or calling the number on the flyer. GREAT opportunity! Don't miss out!

Reminder: This is for children going into PreK 4 (4 year old students)this Fall of 2021, who will be going to Kindergarten in Fall of 2022.

Any Questions Contact:  Scotty Pierce

1 (855) 675-3339 Option 1, Option 3