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Booneville Elementary School
386 West 7th Street
Booneville, AR  72927

Booneville Elementary School
Phone:  (479) 675-2604
    Fax:  (479) 675-5104


Booneville Elementary School - Staff & Student Services
Phone:  (479) 675-5103
    Fax:  (479) 675-2625


Mission Statement:

The mission of the Booneville School District is to support high quality educational opportunities for all school-aged children within the district. The district will provide the necessary resources to enable all students to successfully complete an education.


Vision Statement:

* All teachers will have the training and support they need to help all their Students learn through computers.
* All Classrooms will have modern equipment in them.
* All Buildings will have phone service along with highspeed internet access.
* Cellular Phone service along with the needed services (voice mail, text) is provided to appropriate district employees
   (administration, maintenance, busses)
* Every Classroom will continue to be connected to the network.
* Computers will be switched out every 5 years. They will be switched out per buildings and labs so everything in that
   area will be the same for ease of maintenance and consistency.
* The Booneville School District will continue to participate on the state internet filter system along with an in house
   internet filter to keep us compliant with CIPA protection act.

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