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Junior High FBLA

Future Business Leaders of America—FBLA Middle Level

FBLA is a business-related student organization whose purpose is to provide additional opportunities for students to explore, encounter, and experience positive leadership skills for their present lifestyles, as well as their future work. FBLA also serves as an effective means of bringing students together to deal with career preparation, national problems, community improvements, and worthwhile relationships with local, state, and national groups interested in the welfare of youth. Members benefit from attendances at seminars and competitive conferences, leadership training and experience, contacts made through networking, and opportunities to apply their knowledge through business-related activities.



Skills Competition for the Spring Conference will be Friday, February 24th. The following competitions will testing on this day.

Business Letters
One-Minute Timed Writings
Three-Minute Timed Writings

Desktop Publishing Applications
Keyboarding Applications I
Keyboarding Applications II

Chapter Events are Due March 10th. The following competitions will be due that day.

American Enterprise Project
Arkansas Children’s Hospital
Community Service Project
Largest Local Chapter Membership-Market Share

Leukemia/Lymphoma Foundation
Local Chapter Activities Report
March of Dimes

Online Competitions will test when we come back from Spring Break in Friday, March 31st

Business  Letters
Business Math
Computer Concepts
Desktop Publishing Applications
FBLA Principles and Procedures
Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure
Keyboarding Applications I

             Keyboarding Applications II
Mr./Ms. Junior High Future Business Leader



Business Letters
Personal Business Letters Quiz #1
Business Letter Jeopardy
Proofreading and Keyboarding Practice Test

Business Math
Test Frenzy Practice Tests
Personal Tutor

Career Exploration
Career Exploration Practice Tests
Career Exploration Flash Cards

Computer Concepts
Computer Concepts Quiz #1
Computer Concepts Quiz #2
Computer Concepts Quiz #3
Computer Concepts Quiz #4
Computer Concepts Pre-Quizzes
Computer Concepts e-Review Quizzes
Test Frenzy for Intro to Computer Concepts
Technology Concepts Quiz

FBLA Creed
FBLA Creed Quiz #1
FBLA Quizlet

Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing Concepts Quiz #1
Practice Quiz #2
Computer Terms Practice Quiz #3

FBLA Principles and Procedures
Study Guide with Answers
CramCards (Flashcards)
StudyStack (Flashcards)
FBLA Principles and Procedures Quiz #2

Introduction to Business Communications
Homonyms for Business Communications Quiz #1
Fundamentals of Business Systems and Communication Quiz #2
Topics to Study
Business Communications Quiz #1
Business Communications Quiz #2
Resources for Business Communications

Introduction to Parliamentary Procedures
Robers Rules of Order Online
Parli Pro Quiz #1
Parli Pro Quiz #2
Quizlet Flashcards
Practice Tests

Keyboarding Applications I & II
Keyboarding Practice Quiz #1
Keyboarding Practice Quiz #2
Keyboarding Practice Quiz #3
Business Letter Quiz
General Knowledge

Mr. and Ms. Junior High Future Business Leader
Interview Preparation Tips
Winning Job Interview Tips
Interview on Test Frenzy
Sample Resume #1
Sample Resume #2

One-Minute & Three-Minute Timed Writings
Typing Test #1
Typing Test #2

Typing Test #3
Typing Test #4

Proofreading & Grammar Quiz #1
Proofreading & Grammar Quiz #2
Proofreading Quizzes

Public Speaking
A Guide to Public Speaking
Public Speaking Tips #1

Spelling Test #1
Spelling Test #2
Spelling Test #3

Spreadsheet Quiz #1
Spreadsheet Quiz #2
Spreadsheet Quiz #3
Test Frenzy Practice Test

Tabulations Quiz #1