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Yearbook Staff Announcements!


Be sure that the template that you choose has one dominate (large) picture and that should be an action shot!

  • Take pictures, pictures, pictures! Take pictures, even if they are not for your page! Everyone needs pictures!
  • Take pictures when you are at school events, then upload!
  • Upload the pictures you take. Mrs. Brown can't upload them all!
  • If you need pictures, ask! For example, Mrs. Halford has volleyball pictures; students have Dress up day pictures!
  • If you have a sports page, you need to get the scores for a scoreboard on your page.
  • If you use purple on your pages, use 36, 23, 115 as Bearcat purple!
  • Do not use the group picture for the big picture on your clubs or sports spreads. Big picture should be an action shot!
  • Talk to club sponsor to get specific information about clubs.
  • Remember that picture captions are "mini" stories.
  • Headlines have a subject and verb.
  • Stories have Who, What, Where, When and How covered in the story.
  • Each two-page spread should have a story.